Welcome to the online demo of our online payments feature!

On this page, you can test out how online payments work from the perspective of your website visitors.

Below, we have included seven demos:

1. A dynamic price generated from a quantity input field

2. A dynamic price generated from an option input field

3. A fixed total price determined in advance

4. A custom price generated from a price input field

5. A subscription plan chosen from multiple options

6. A dynamic subscription amount that is set by the user.

7. A dynamic amount that automatically adds 3% to cover the Stripe service fee.

Use the following test credit card number when testing the forms below: 4242424242424242

Make sure the expiration date is in the future, and use any 3-digit code for the CVC field.

1. Dynamic Price

Please select the number of widgets you would like to purchase. They are $5 each.

You can accept a dynamic payment amount that changes with each user.

2. Dynamic Price

You can create buttons representing a variety of payment amounts. 

3. Fixed Price

Registration is $45. To pay online, click the button below.

You can keep things simple by setting a fixed payment amount in advance.

4. Custom Price

You can add a custom payment amount generated from a price input field.

7. Apply a Service Fee

You can set your form to automatically add a 3% service fee.

5. Subscription

You can add a subscription plan chosen from multiple options.

6. Dynamic Subscription

How much would you like to donate each month?

You can add a dynamic subscription amount that is set by each user.